Welcome Weeks – english version

Participation in the courses is free of charge, you only need an account in the booking system of the university sports!

In order to book the classes taking place in our „Welcome Nights“ please take a look into the German version under the drop down menu.

Trend sport:

Feel like trying something new? We‘re kicking off the Welcome Weeks with our Trend Sport Night, featuring sports you’ve never heard of or always wanted to try!

Ball games:

Join a team for the night and together you will let the balls fly. Four gymns, four different ball games. Play to the final whistle: Floorball, basketball, volleyball and mat dodgeball are scheduled for you.

Beats’n Boulder:

Look forward to some cool sounds and delve into the boulder problems ahead. Our team is at your side solving those problems in case you get stuck. Fun boulder games included.


We’ll show you our extensive yoga programme. And there will be small specials included. All skill levels are welcome.

International students:

In cooperation with Göttingen International, all international students can either check out each and every sport night or borrow sport materials in our and go ahead and play. Or both. The perfect start to the Göttingen adventure.


We offer all kinds of different dancing styles. If you have always wanted to dance, come in and check out the programme.

Swim & relax:

Love water and its possibilities? Head up while „Aquajogging“, don’t stop paddling in the canoe playing polo or holding your breath underwater while mastering rugby moves. Afterwards, you can replenish in the sauna, if you like.

Martial arts:

No matter if you want to try Judo, Kung Fu or Kendo, on our martial arts day we’ll make sure you get to know some kicks and punshes. Classic as well as newer martial arts are to be checked out and some good old GroupFitness „box conditioning“ J

Martial arts: Fencing, Judo, Kenjutsu, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Boxing, Kickboxing.

GroupFitness Night:

Get an insight into our GroupFitness programme, may it be cardio & workout, HIIT or deepWORK.

Beats’n Biceps:

By turning our fitness centre into a disco and those last few reps just get easy. You want to learn new movements or excercises? Check out one of your functional training classes.


Sign up as an individual or with friends and try out one of the beginner courses at our Climbing Centre RoXx.